Policies and Strategy

Policies and Strategy of the Bank are focused on:

1)    Proactively engaging the Market and seeking alliances with strategic partners with domain expertise, investors, Governments, Agencies and International Development Agencies like FOA, AfDB, Asian Development Bank (ADB), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Bill & Melinda Foundations, IFAD etc.

2)    Possibility of floating Agricultural Bonds in the Local Capital Markets to diversify the Bank’s sources of funding.

3)    Reviewing the Bank’s operating model with a view to transforming it into a niche Bank with special focus on agriculture and rural economic activities.

4)    Staff capacity building and re-orientation through target trainings.

5)    Operational re-tooling by continuing with the Bank’s extensive computerization project. 

6)    Multi-channel services to drive market penetration and ensure rapid growth.

Key Facts
Loan Rate
  • . Microcredit Agric & collaborations
  • . SME (Production & Working Capital)
  • . Marketing, On-lending to MFBs & Microcredit (Non-Agric)
Loan Condition
  • 20% Lien Deposits
  • 6 months Minimum Customer's Account Relationship
  • . Interest Rate
  • Negotiable Fixed Deposit

Branch Location