Our Commitment

The bank of Agriculture has a key role to deliver low cost credit to small and medium scale agricultural and non agricultural enterprises.

At a strategic level our thrust is to cause a quantifiable growth in the production of food and ensuring better livelihood at rural and other local community level through collaborative relationships with and support for private, small and medium scale farmers.

When our job is done we would have food security, alleviated incidence of crushing poverty, generated employment and created wealth.

Key Facts
Loan Rate
  • . Microcredit Agric & collaborations
  • . SME (Production & Working Capital)
  • . Marketing, On-lending to MFBs & Microcredit (Non-Agric)
Loan Condition
  • 20% Lien Deposits
  • 6 months Minimum Customer's Account Relationship
  • . Interest Rate
  • Negotiable Fixed Deposit

Branch Location