Collaboration involves the establishment of formal relationship with a third party for the purpose of implementing agricultural credit project jointly. It is another strategy through which the Bank reaches clientele at the grass roots. The following are some of the Bank’s collaborating partners:

  • Federal, State and Local Governments/Agencies
  • Non Governmental Organizations
  • Other Purpose-oriented institutions, e.g. Research institutes
  • Companies like Micro Finance Banks, etc.
  • Individuals


Collaboration could be in form of part funding or funds management arrangement with the bank as the scheme managers.

Funded Collaboration

Collaboration Agency provides fund and Bank uses its framework for management at a fee agreed by both parties.

Guaranteed Fund

This involves providing a guaranteed fund in the ratio to be agreed by both parties. This involves appointing the Bank as fund managers whereby an organization provides funds for on-lending by the Bank under mutually agreed terms.


Is an agreement whereby the collaborating parties organize groups and bring them to obtain credit facility from the bank on the bank's credit policy. The third party does not necessarily make financial contribution.


  • Formal expression of interest to collaborate with the bank
  • Provide articulated proposal for the collaboration
  • A memorandum of Understanding is executed to guide the programme.
  • Beneficiaries of the program will enter into account relationship with the bank; disbursement is usually according to bank’s procedure.
  • Bank and Collaborating Agency oversee the implementation of collaborative programme to ensure total success.
  • Bank and collaborating Agency ensure prompt repayment of loan.
  • Beneficiaries will be responsible for the payment of both the principal and interest accrued on the loan.
  • The Bank shall take full responsibility on processing of all loans applications as presented/recommended by the parties involved.
  • The Bank shall process the application forms, analyse them and determine those that meet the Bank’s minimum lending criteria for approval.


Interest Rates

Interest rates and other bank charges are subject to prevailing money market conditions as may be advised from time to time.

Activities Being Financed

BOA provides agricultural credit finance to support all activities along the agricultural value chain, including:

  • Primary production
  • Input supply and purchase
  • Processing
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Storage
  • Transportation

    In addition, the bank provides non agricultural rural finance to support rural micro-entrepreneurs.

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