Non Agri Business Loans

Non Agri business Loans

Micro Credit

Loan size – maximum of NGN250, 000.00
Loan tenor – short term (not more than 2years)
Interest rate – 20%
Target group – Small holder farmers, petty traders, artisans, etc.
Lien deposit – 20% of loan amount required
Security – 2 reputable guarantors
Must operate account with the Bank for a minimum period of 90 days
The micro projects must be viable
Can be accessed by Individual, cooperatives or self-help groups


Entry level – N20,000.00 – N40,000.00
Target Group – Rural active poor
Loan tenor – Maximum of 10 months
Lien deposit – 10%
Interest rate – 30% p.a.
Project types – Micro enterprise
Approving authority – Branch Credit Committee
Mode of collection – weekly at group meetings
Security – Cross guarantee of Group members
Accessible only through women group